Behind the bar at The Moon & Sixpence, you’ll find a fantastic range of cask ales from The Wells and Young’s Brewing Company, Bedford, all kept to perfection, We also carry chilled lagers and ciders:

Bombardier Bitter (ABV 4.3%)

“A burnished copper colour, it has a rich, tempting aroma of peppery hops and raisins, while the palate is dominated by more dark fruit, juicy malt and tangy hops.” Roger Protz, Editor, The Good Beer Guide

As most lovers of cask ale know, water is the most important ingredient in beer, and Wells Bombardier has an enviable natural advantage over other premium bitters; it is uniquely brewed using natural mineral water from an independently accredited source – our own well.

Courage Best (ABV 4%)

With over 200 years of brewing pedigree, Courage Best Bitter retains its widespread popularity. Best is available in both cask and keg meaning even if your local isn’t a cask beer stockist, you can still enjoy the great taste of Courage Best.
Pale brown in appearance with a bitter after taste, Courage Best Bitter consumers enjoy its lower ABV of 4% that allows them the opportunity to enjoy their favourite ale for longer.Courage Best Bitter is also a major sponsor of rugby union clubs including the Plymouth Pirates and the Exeter Chiefs and sponsors local events within its south west of England heartland.Building on the long heritage of Courage, the iconic ‘Take Courage’ slogan, which has been used for over 50 years, was given a new lease of life with a £2m advertising campaign.The three adverts show Courage as a beer for ‘every man,’ in which ‘our hero’ is shown in situations where he can be seen thinking he would rather be down the pub drinking a pint of Courage.

Triple Hopped IPA (5.2%)

Dive into flavours both old and new and take your taste buds on an adventure through time. Your journey begins in 1800s England where IPAs were pale in colour and brewed with Goldings – the original IPA hop. Then fast-forward to the New World and revel in the tropical aromatics of Australian Galaxy and American Simcoe. This moreish brew has a gentle malt character and minerality, with a pronounced hoppy fruitiness.

Young’s London Stout (ABV 4.3%)

A traditionally crafted Stout with a contemporary London feel. Stout is often thought of as an Irish drink but many would argue its true roots are in middle class 18th century London. William Hogarth, the great English painter and satirist, depicted alcoholic spirits (such as gin) as the ruin of health and society, and beers (like stout) as the healthy alternative! For the discerning drinker who knows that Young’s beers are best in class for taste and quality, this rich dark brew is synonymous with the history of London itself and quite different from the more ubiquitous beers sold under the stout genre!

Stowford Press (ABV 4.5%)

Stowford Press combines century-old traditions with a flavour designed to appeal to more modern tastes.

Charles Wells Dry Hopped Lager (ABV 4.7%)

Charlie Wells Dry Hopped Lager is brewed with natural mineral water from a well sunk by Charles Wells himself in the early 1900s and the brewers combine several varieties of hops from around the world to create the beer’s slight bitterness, hoppy aroma and subtle maltiness with a deliciously smooth finish.

Brewed in true continental style, we use 100% malt in the mash and add in Target hops followed by a late addition of Styrian Goldings to add that really noble hop aroma. We ferment the beer cool with lager yeast for seven days, and what makes this beer really special is a two week cold conditioning stage with Australian Galaxy and Ella hops which brings out all that depth of flavour and dry hop character.

Amstel (ABV 4.1%)

Beautiful golden color with a mildly bitter taste and cheerful character.

Estrella Damm (ABV 4.6%)

Estrella Damm is a lager beer, brewed in Barcelona, Spain. It has existed since 1876, when August Küntzmann Damm founded his brewery in Barcelona, and is the flagship beer of S.A. Damm, a prominent brewery in the city. The brand is the oldest in Spain  and the name Estrella means “star” in both Catalan and Spanish